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-=Vg=- is a hack free community
we are always looking to recruit new members
This is a community of friends and family to get along with each other and not fight, bicker & or complain. If you have that problem we are not for youWe know people have a job or go to school full time and like to come on for fun & good times for relaxation & piece of mind to leave real life behind so sign up & join -=Vg=- & have some good times men and women ages from 15 up.

If you would like to join us please follow the following steps.Click register at the top of the page, confirm your e-mail, come back to the site and click Application to join -=Vg=- at the top of the page, stay in Team speak get to know us, stay active on the forums & play in our servers.If you enjoy your time here at -=Vg=- Victory Gamerz please donate to help keep our services going for the Team speak, web hosting & servers. Most of all have fun and enjoy your time here with -=Vg=-

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-=Vg=- Vs VX9 2/18/2017

Join us for the Battle -=Vg=- VS VX9 on 2/18/2017

-=Vg=- Vs VX9

vs. VX9

  • Official, February 17, 2017, 7:00 am

5 Man scrim 2/17/2017

Welcome to victory gamerz community, we are starting out with all new members and admin for a new out look on the community for more friendly game play and adult gamers. We are currently revamping our services, we are going to support the following games

Also please make all contact to -=Vg-F=- Squintsei

  • ARMA3
  • ARMA2 Dayz Mod
  • Dayz Standalone
  • Star Wars
  • Rust
  • Battlefield 1


currently the teamspeak server is still running and open for all members and guest to join.

Welcome to come join us any time , Please follow our rules.victorygamerz.clants.net

Dayz Server #2 Added To The List

-=Vg=-Victory Gamerz | 24/7 DAY | XLoot | Friendlys | Quarintine

ARMA 3 Wastelands Server Now Running

-=Vg=- Victory Gamerz|$5000 Start|Battlefield|Stratis

Victory Gamerz Dayz Whitelisting For Role play Server

Victory Gamerz is now accepting applications for a private role play server please fill out the application here Whitelist application ((YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THE SITE TO FILL OUT THE APPLICATION)) also see our server rules for more information here Dayz Server Rules

6.1 To Stable servers

DayZ 0.61 Update: Features & Items List December, 20th: 0.61 Update #31 is Live on Exp. Branch! (178MB) December, 19th: 0.61 Update #30 is Live on Exp. Branch! (60MB) December, 19th: 0.61 Upd…

-=Vg=- Victory Gamerz Returns To DayZ