About Us & Rules

Welcome To -=Vg=- Victory Gamerz

-=Vg=- is a hack free community
we are always looking to recruit new members
This is a community of friends and family to get along with each other and not fight, bicker & or complain. If you have that problem we are not for you

We know people have a job or go to school full time and like to come on for fun & good times for relaxation & piece of mind to leave real life behind so sign up & join -=Vg=- & have some good times men and women ages from 15 up. If you would like to join us please follow the following steps.

Click register at the top of the page, confirm your e-mail, come back to the site and click Application to join -=Vg=- at the top of the page, stay in Team speak get to know us, stay active on the forums & play in our servers.

If you enjoy your time here at -=Vg=- Victory Gamerz please donate to help keep our services going for the Team speak, web hosting & servers.
Most of all have fun and enjoy your time here with -=Vg=-

Our mission and goal is to provide a place where gamers from all over the world, of all calibers, can meet in a friendly and fun atmosphere and gain values such as friendship, and to many of us, family.

This clan’s foundation rests on honor, loyalty, and integrity. This is what we build upon. We put heavy emphasis on maturity, fair play, helping others, and having a fun and competitive gaming experience for all to enjoy.

What follows is the product of many months of on and off discussions, with many members, and many hours of thought and research. This is a true reorganization of this Clan. This is being done for the following four reasons:
1) To provide clan membership with more active “leaders” to help solve and resolve any problems.
2) To create landmarks for our membership to use for advancement with in our family.
3) To create a more just system for entering into this clan, but also, advancement with in this clan.
4) To provide a atmosphere where the clan runs the clan, not just a few members.

With that said, we are proud to present to the clan our new structure!

In Victory Gamerz, we are a fairly relaxed set of players. We take pride in our community by offering the best environment we possibly can. In order to do this we had to come up with a set of rules for everyone to look back on and reflect off of.



No Hacking, now this can go in depth a far ways, but when we say no hacking, this also applies for exploits, glitches, and other things that may possibly harm the future of our clan, and our servers. Hacking, Cheating, Exploiting will result in an instant permanent ban without warning.

We Require you to be at least 15+ years old!

Discord and Teamspeak are both a MUST if you wish to take part in any -=Vg=- activity, event, or giveaway.

Support -=Vg=- in all sponsored games, this can vary a lot because we all know people like to hop back and forth between games sometimes. With that being said, if it’s a game that we support, please do bare the Vg tags with us. If you wish for the clan to support the game, bring it up to an Admin or Council Member.

No Excessive mic spam, now this doesn’t fall under the category of “hot micing” because we all know a lot of people don’t like to use Push to Talk, by excessive mic spam, we mean playing Music, Videos, Streams, things that people don’t want to hear..

Use Common Sense, this falls under the “think before you speak” category. Don’t say or do something that will or could possibly offend someone else.

Do not disrespect -=Vg=- or it’s members.

Most of all, Have fun.. We are a gaming community primarily focused on kicking back, and having a good group of guys to play with. Don’t ruin it for someone else.

These rules are what forms the bond for -=Vg=-. We will always be a community no matter how big or small. Changes will be constantly made to the community in order to better suit the environment of gamers. We focus mainly on growing and creating a happy, friendly, and fun atmosphere for fellow gamers to enjoy. We also rely a lot on things such as freedom of speech, we will not police our teamspeak/discord or game servers banning or kicking people for “bad words” because you’re upset, now this also follows deragatory terms.

Just because someone calls you something in a game or flames you, doesn’t mean they are going to get instantly banned or kicked. We personally don’t have the time to sit and police the servers, making sure people aren’t saying “bad words”, plus it’s really no fun. If they follow our simple set of rules they will be fine, but if they are to break any of these rules they will be warned and/or banned. If there are ever any issues please contact an Admin or a Founder and we will settle the dispute. There are many different forms of method of contacting us, resulting in the Forums www.victorygamerz.com/forums or even on teamspeak or discord. Keep in mind server rules may vary.