Welcome to come join us any time , Please follow our rules.victorygamerz.clants.net

Welcome to the team speak 3 server!
Squintsei & Luggz
TeamSpeak General Server Admin
Server Admin: YukonMan
Server Admin: Bassic
Server Admin: cjisabest
Server Admin: Austin
Server Admin: Sober87

Staff: ALL -=Vg-R=- (Recruiter) & -=Vg-C=- (Council Member) ARE ADMINS PLEASE SEEK ONE FOR ANY ISSUES OR NEEDS
Please feel free to ask admins for help or info, they always try to help you.
E-Mail for any issues or questions. admin@victorygamerz.com

IMPORTANT TS INFOWhen you are in a channel like Dayz for example please be sure to be in the section that is of the game join public for public server and private for private servers,Also please be sure to create sub channels for you locations I.E Tisy PVP for PVP in Tist or if your just in a area of the map create a channel named Stary this will help your fellow members and friend know where you are in game when they join the channel
Before you continue, please read the following rules:
1) No Recording or anything that violates the privacy rules(except for live streams, but you must set [live] in your name & you have to ask permission to the people in your channel). (Recording is allowed when everyone agrees.)
2) No mute abuse.
3) Respect the admins and members!
4) Do not copy names. For example: Luggz 1, Luggz 2, etc.
5) Do not spam. (Channel hopping is also spam!)
6) Voice convertors are not allowed.
7) Only file transfer allowed in the [File transfer] Channel!
8) The channel admin has the responsibility for the channel/server.
If u have problems, contact the admin in charge.
If there is no admin u can always contact us later or make a complaint. We will listen to the both
story's and we won't take any steps until we have listen the story's from the two sides.
Only when u have good evidence you have the recording permission when someone is harassing or spamming.
When there is an admin in the channel YOU WILL NEVER have the permission to record.
(exceptions are when the admin is AFK or not responding). It's recommended to make a complaint.
9) This page does not cover all the rules; only the basic ones.
If an admin finds an unfitting behavior he will moderate it accordingly.
10) No racism, racism will provide you an instant perm ban.
Rules about self made channel section:
-Do not make channels with names who are concerned with racism, verbal abuse or profanity.
-Do not make new server sections for example: Party House 1, Party House 2, Party House 3 this is not allowed if you want a new section you'll have to ask the server host (Luggz) no admin is allowed to add new channels or new channel sections in the already existing ones.
Warning: Abusing one of these rules will give you a warning or a kick,
making trouble will result in a ban or in really bad situations you can receive a perm ban.
If you abuse your server rank it will be permanently removed with no chance to get it back!
When we all follow these there will be no problems nor issues.
Steps with a * are optional.
1. Complaint Against:
2. Your Nickname:
3. Problem/Rule broken:
4. Were there admins online? If yes which ones?
5. Screenshot or other evidence*
Hint: The more information you've provide, the more we know. If there isn't any evidence and nobody can confirm this problem, we can't undertake any steps.
Drama causing in the ts3 server because you didn't get your way or what you wanted = Zero tolerance
Admin abuse kicking, banning, moving them around just because your mad or upset at another member or guest bickering complaining problem starter = Zero tolerance
Disrespecting any member (NO MATTER THE RANK -=Vg=-, -=Vg-C=-, Vg-r) = Zero tolerance
Racial slur, discrimination towards another member e.g nigger, spick, etc you get the point. = Zero tolerance
Fighting, flaming arguing over a game causing members to leave or segregate = Zero tolerance
Recruits are to respect full members and senior members with the highest level of respect, full members are to respect recruits just as well unless extreme situation e.g mic spamming screaming abnormally etc you get what im saying.
1st offience = kick ban 2 days from all of Victory gamerz services.
2nd offence = kick ban 1 week from all of Victory gamerz services.
3rd offence = kick permanent ban from all of Victory gamerz services.

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